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Despite having been for years giving laughter to viewers with the duo Cruz y Raya, the truth is that rumors of enmity between the two have always been present since their separation as a comic couple long ago. Further, this bad relationship has become much more visible in recent days, when Juan Muñoz[cimg] He charged very hard against José Mota, calling him a bad person and ensuring that he only moves for money.

Jose Mota

« I cannot take it anymore, I have been silent for many years and it is time to tell the truth about that man named José Mota, who has been unable to offer me his condolences, knowing that my mother died a month ago. fills the glass « , Muñoz assured on January 5, adding that « There have been many slights, many things that hurt me and that I have kept in silence for many years ».

However, on Saturday, January 9, Muñoz wanted to apologize for his statements, claiming that they were the result of pain for having lost his mother, adding « four cups ». Through a public video, the comedian showed his repentance, hoping that the one who was his partner could forgive him at some point and be able to give him a hug. And said and done, because Mota has picked up the glove accepting the apologies.

Mota’s message to Muñoz

Sharing Juan Muñoz’s video on his Twitter account, Mota thanked him for his apologies and added the following message: « I assure you that all the years we’ve shared together are way above all of thisIn addition, he has said goodbye by sending him « a big hug. » Now we just need to see if this is the beginning of a reconciliation or if things will continue as they have been.

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