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With just the first two episodes of Wandavision In Disney Plus, the theories about the people who would be behind the curtain begin to gain strength thanks to small Easter eggs or details that have appeared in the series.

Naturally this list includes spoilers for the first two episodes of Wandavision so be warned.


We have seen that in some previews the SWORD logo appears, but it is even more present in the first episodes, this especially at the end of the premiere where we see that a person is attentive to the “show” that Wanda is starring in the series.

SWORD would be the equivalent of SHIELD but that corresponds to extraterrestrial threats, its acronym in the comics was Sentient World Observation and Response Department ‘(Sentient World Observation and Response Department) but that now in the Wandavision series slightly changed its name to ‘Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division’ (Sensitive Weapons Observation Response Division).

wandavision theories

SWORD tries to contact Wanda in different ways, it being the helicopter, the radio, and the man in the suit and bees at the end of the first episode who are trying to reach her without success. However there is the character of Monica rambeau -Who we saw as a girl in Captain Marvel– but now he’s on an incognito mission like Geraldine.

Stark Industries

We know that in Captain America Civil War Wanda was ‘cared for’ by Stark Industries as it was considered an extremely dangerous weapon, later when confronting Vision she escaped with the help of Hawkeye.

With the death of Tony Stark, this does not mean that his company has disappeared like that out of nowhere, but that it continues throughout various projects, especially to protect the planet from any threat. So that it appears as the first commercial within the show that Wanda is living, it may indicate a clue of the importance and prominence of Stark Industries within Wanda’s head.

And let’s not forget that Vision was the brainchild of Tony Stark.

wandavision theories«Forget the past, this is your future» Is it a subliminal message for Wanda?


The other commercial we see on Wandavision is for SHIELD’s counterpart and Captain America’s headache: Hydra. Although this organization no longer presents a great threat to as any other intergalactic enemy could be, the truth is that Hydra has managed to survive over the years and let’s not forget what Arnim Zola says:

“Cut off a head and two more will replace it”

But we must not forget that in this second commercial, which at the same time ingeniously criticizes the macho advertising of the 50s by placing it on the product of a villain like Hydra, the name of the watch is an old acquaintance by Wanda and her brother Pietro: Wolfgang Von Strucker.

wandavision theories

Strucker was a member of Hydra that used a dozen scientists to do experiments with citizens of Sokovia (Avengers Age of Ultron) of which only Wanda and Pietro survived.

Who will win in the race to get to Wanda’s mind?

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Sergio López Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said “To have a broader vision, not only see good movies, but also the bad ones” obviously I listened to him in the second and it is very funny.

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