There are 4 cases of a new English variant and doctors see traits in Guayaquil – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The exponential increase in family cases of COVID-19, the high occupancy of ICU and hospitalization in private and public centers, and the increase in deaths due to the virus are the parameters that alert doctors to suspect that the English variant is already circulating not only in Los Ríos, where the index case was confirmed.

Health Minister Juan Carlos Zevallos announced last Monday that the Los Ríos case was compatible with the United Kingdom variant. This patient came from there to the country with a negative PCR result on December 12.

While yesterday the Institute of Microbiology of the San Francisco de Quito University reported that three people close to that index case have the same variant « B.1.1.7 ».

Dr. Alberto Campodónico, an internist at the Kennedy Alborada hospital-clinic, explained that the arrival times of this and other passengers from the United Kingdom to Guayaquil coincided with the rise in cases and high occupancy of ICUs in the city.

« This variant has the particularity of having a higher viral load than the previous strain, these adhere better to the cedula, it spreads quickly, greater transmissibility, and that is why if one is positive it infects four and these four more each, and it starts to multiply, ”he explained.

Dr. Wilson Tenorio commented that officially no cases of the variant have been reported in Guayas, but that there are sub-records that it may be circulating, according to what was stated at the meetings of the Health Board of the Guayas Medical College.

“There must be cases, we warned about it weeks ago in the suspension of flights from Europe, the door was left open, the PCR is just being requested for boarding from the point of origin. We ask that the result be five days. The authorities are directly responsible for their actions and omissions ”, lamented the president of the College.

Yesterday, on a tour, Mayor Cynthia Viteri explained that Guayaquil is preparing for a rise in cases in the next two weeks.
« We warned the Government, publicly, we sent letters so that other types of actions and protocols are taken at the Guayaquil airport, we did it on time, that the PCR test should only have five days of issuance, » he said.

He indicated that there was also a lack of control in people who had compulsory preventive isolation (APO). “We warn that the Armed Forces and National Police should take care of the people who had to keep confinement, do you know who kept confinement? Nobody. If you tell a person that they have to stay at home for ten days and nobody checks, tell me who is staying. That is the result at this time ”, explained the mayor.

So he insisted that Guayaquil continues to prepare for more complex days in this rebound. For example, for today it is planned to enable 60 ICU beds with ten intensivists for two months at the Bicentennial Hospital, in agreement with the Ministry of Health. « Guayaquil is going to do what it has to do to protect itself, whether the national authorities like it or not is not my problem, » he emphasized.

The epidemiologist Francisco Andino said that if the variant is already there, “what can be done, rather fear should be avoided because there may be health complications for that reason and biosecurity care should be increased, which is the basis for protecting the virus in any variant ”.

He expressed that diet plays a fundamental role in this process, because little or no impact of the virus has been shown in correctly fed people.

« Immunoalimentation is real, you have to eat vegetables, eat oats, use ginger, turmeric, all that is essential at this time, » said the specialist.

Study in Los Ríos
A team of researchers from UEES-Biolab is going today to take samples in Valencia, Los Ríos, to study this new variant. Fernando Espinoza, director of the UEES Research Center, explained that the MSP will pass on the georeferencing of the points that the study will have to do in order to analyze more SARS-CoV-2 samples. (I)

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