“There are limits that a sensible government cannot cross”

The British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, recognized this Monday that the current situation with the European Union in the negotiations of the BrexitIt is “very complicated” and, although he has been hopeful about reaching an agreement for the future relationship, he has stressed that there are certain limits that you are not willing to cross.

EU-UK post Brexit trade talks in Brussels

“I am quite optimistic, but I have to be honest with you, I think the situation at the moment is very complicated“, has indicated this Tuesday in declarations to the British media.

The ‘premier’ has assured that the Government is doing everything possible in its negotiations with the EU, which is stagnant, but has also taken the opportunity to reassure the population, underlining that “On January 1, whatever happens, there will be a change” but “there are great options ahead for our country.”

Johnson, who will travel to Brussels this week to meet with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has stressed the position of the British Government: “We are willing to get involved at all levels, political or otherwise, we are willing to try anything. “However, he clarified,” there are simply limits beyond which no sensible and independent government could go and the people have to understand. “

Johnson spoke by phone Monday with Von der Leyen and both agreed to meet in Brussels in the coming days in order to try to unblock the negotiations to agree on a future framework for relations between the European Union and the British.

“We have asked our chief negotiators and their teams to prepare a summary of the differences that remain so that we can discuss it in a physical meeting in Brussels in the next few days, “they explained in a joint statement after their telephone conversation.

Guarantees regarding fair competition and State aid, the Community fleet access to British waters and governance to ensure that the agreement is fulfilled by both parties remain the great stumbling blocks, since the community bloc demands commitments that London rejects outright, considering that they go against its sovereignty.

The EU considers that it has given enough

The European Union considers that it has already yielded “down to the last millimeter” without leaving its red lines, according to the analysis of a senior diplomat who last week warned that the bloc does not contemplate reviewing its negotiating directives and considers that if London does not move from its positions there will be no agreement.

In fact, the capitals have asked the European Commission to speed up the work to have all the necessary contingency measures prepared to minimize the possible damage of a no-deal Brexit, although remain determined to continue negotiating while there is room to save the deal.

In any case, if the agreement is given, it will need to be translated into all the official languages ​​of the European Union so that the member states can analyze it and give their approval, in addition to be put to the vote of the plenary of the European Parliament for its ratification, which shortens the already almost exhausted times for the pact, which should be completed before December 31.

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