There is already a date when Queen Elizabeth abdicates the throne

There is already a date on which Queen Elizabeth abdicates the throne (AFP)

There is already a date when Queen Elizabeth abdicates the throne | .

Queen Elizabeth is one of the figures who has broken with all paradigms, she has been considered one of the longest-lived monarchs in the world both by age and by her years in power at the head of the British crown.

At 94 years old, the monarch still did not give clear indications of her possible resignation from the throne, despite her advanced age, however, 2021 could be defined as the year in which she finally Queen Isabel abdicate the throne.

It would be a great historical moment that would be lived next year, the monarch would finally yield to the throne that would occupy one of the members of her family, although by right this would correspond to Charles of Wales, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, the truth is that many things can happen.

The rise of Charles Spencer has been surrounded by much controversy and even doubts about whether he will be able to occupy the command of England and under what conditions he will do so, taking into account that currently his popularity is not exactly in a good moment, as has transpired in the last days.

The truth is that now the rumors about the resignation of the sovereign of England are becoming stronger, and there is even talk of a date and year which would be closer than expected.

Some reports indicate that the today highest figure of the nobility, Isabel II would wait for his next birthday on April 21, 2021 to cede the throne to the new king, some experts on the subject of royalty have revealed.

They point out that this theory takes on greater force after Queen Isabel he has arranged “a series of various duties upon his son, Prince Charles,” as suggested by Robert Jobson or Jack Royston, one of the royal biographers. He asserted: “It will reach the point where it will have given everything to Carlos.”

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A news story would have a great impact on the queen.

For many years there was speculation about the moment when the monarch finally decided to leave the throne, the year 2002 was one of the key dates in which they would think this would happen, within the framework of his 50th anniversary as head of the crown.

However, it was not like that, since Elizabeth Marie (Queen Elizabeth) continued her reign for several more years, a decision that possibly would not have changed until today had it not been for a fact that has shocked the royal.

It has been the departure of the godmother of one of her grandchildren, Prince Harry, son of Carlos and husband of Meghan Markle.

Lady Celia Vastey, who lost her life at the age of 71, and was one of the people most loved by the queen, according to the causes disclosed by the Daily Telegraph, refer to a “natural death” that occurred last Saturday. “He perished suddenly, but peacefully.”

She was a person very close to royalty, godmother to the Duke of Sussex and a close friend of Queen Elizabeth, she was present at Prince Harry’s baptism and at various school events during his childhood.

Meanwhile, another of the controversies in the midst of all this, is the place that Camila will occupy after the ascent of Carlos to the throne of England.

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How his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall would have the right to the title of “Princess of Wales” however, is something that she has decided not to use because of the reference she has with the deceased “Lady Di”, as revealed by her biographer, is something that It causes him some fear and even more in these times where the acceptance of both would be at a very low level, according to some surveys.

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