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The ‘New Yorker’ magazine has published a 12-minute video on its website with unpublished images of the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 in Washington and that caused a state of emergency to be declared in the capital.

The images were taken by the magazine reporter, Luke mogelson. In them it is appreciated how the protesters are gathered in front of the building of the Capitol, where they finally agree by passing a police force that was at a minimum.

“This is our house, let us pass,” the protesters shouted at the agents, and then added, addressing the agents: “If you don’t withdraw, they will outnumber you. There’s a million of us out there and we listen to Trump, your boss”.

“Treason, treason!”

Trump supporters yell “treason, treason” through the halls of the Capitol until they finally enter the Senate House, which was previously evacuated while counting the votes of the Senate. Electoral College that gave the victory to Joe Biden.

At that moment, you can see how the protesters begin to walk around the senators’ desks, reviewing documents and taking photos of the papers: “There has to be something here that we can use against this scum,” says one of them.

“He’s one of us,” they say about the Republican Ted Cruz while photographing the papers on their table. Also, the FBI investigates a possible attempt to sell the Democrat’s computer to Russia Nancy pelosi, which was stolen during the assault on the Capitol.

As Trump supporters are searching the tables, from the balcony above we see the riot with the naked torso, hides and buffalo horns, who was later identified as Jake angeli, the leader of the assault on the Capitol, a fan of Trump and who calls himself Q-Shaman.

Later, we see how Angeli sits in the chair from which the vice president, Mike Pence, presides over the Senate and how a Capitol official asks her to stand up and be respectful, to which he obeys, but begins a prayer with a megaphone in hand, which was followed by the other protesters who were in the hall.

Later, another protester sits in the same chair and another protester tells him that they must respect the Senate because it is an “information war” and they cannot “lose it.” The Trump supporter’s response: “They can steal elections, But can’t we come here to sit down?“.

Washington shielded

The assault on the Capitol killed five people, including a police officer, and dozens were injured. The FBI opened a file on 160 people and arrested dozens of them.

Now the country is on high alert due to the FBI’s notice of “armed protests” across the nation between Saturday and Wednesday the 20th, when Joe Biden will take office.

For this Wednesday, the number of military personnel in Washington is expected to rise to 25,000, five times the total of 5,000 soldiers now deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan together, making Biden’s inauguration the largest security deployment in US history.

The authorities of the 50 states of the country also took measures since Friday to surround the surroundings of their state capitols, and at least 19 territories also deployed troops there. National Guard.

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