“There will be drastic changes…”

Recent UFO sightings in the United States, Canada, China and Uruguay have generated all kinds of reactions. For many, it is only power technology on our planet; others consider them to be aliens, extraterrestrials. And when events of this type happen, we all turn to see Maffe Walker.

Do you remember her? She is the Colombian who “speaks alien”, as she indicates. She recently spoke on the program The Laura Acuña Room, and although he did not refer specifically to the observations of the last few days (three of them culminated in shoot-downs by US aircraft), he did speak about similar events.

“There will be drastic changes,” warns Mafe Walker. “I don’t want to go further, but it will change the way of human life. The human race. Children, above all, are going to begin to show it to us. It will be very gradual. Humans are going to live many years (…) It is frequency and vibration”.

The Colombian became a celebrity in 2022, after she said that she could talk to beings from other dimensions, from different planets, even from stars. She does it in an unintelligible language, incomprehensible to us, but which, according to her, helps her to communicate.

“I have come to break all the structures, the patterns”, says Mafe Walker regarding the installed idea that they are physical beings that come to conquer our planet, military style, with chaos and destruction.

This is how Mafe Walker communicates with the aliens, according to what he says

“I don’t see them with the physical eyes, the humans, but with the pineal, the third eye. Your vision opens and you enter another dimension. That’s where they show up. They are divine beings (…) we connect from the heart. When you feel your heart expanded, you will connect with them”.

Mafe Walker does acknowledge that sightings in general exist, occurring in a peculiar way.

The Colombian explains: “In ancient times the frequency of the Earth was extremely high. We were all in the heart. The frequency of the Earth goes up and other dimensional beings go down in their frequency. That is why we connect, thanks to that balance, to that synchronization. Hence the subject of sightings, the ships. When they lower their frequency and we raise it, we interconnect.”

The change would be spiritual, but humanity has to prepare itself in love, says Walker. Meanwhile, he continues to investigate the unidentified flying objects shot down by the United States. What are they? Are they really made by other countries or do they come from different planets? Do they have any relation to what Mafe Walker said?