There will be second season of the Luis Miguel series. When?


Finally, the coronavirus crisis could not take away the second season of the series about the life of Luis Miguel. Despite the fact that the filming had to stop at the beginning of the year due to possible infections, the production announced that it will resume the recordings.

Diego Boneta, the actor who plays Luis Miguel, has already made it clear that May, in the midst of a pandemic, that the second season of the series was going to premiere in 2021 with this fun announcement for Netflix Latin America:

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A Diego Boneta who, by the way, explained in 2019 in an interview with Things that the character of Luis Miguel had changed his professional career:

“It changed everything, not only in Latin America, but also in Hollywood. Interestingly, being a series in Spanish, it had tremendous success in the United States, and that tells you about the power that the Latino market has in the Hollywood industry. I really like what is happening with Roma, I feel that the whole team did a wonderful job and they deserve all the recognition they are getting. “

On the preparation of the character, he said that it was not easy:

Super intense, I prepared for a whole year just for this character. Without that period, what happened would not have happened. I divided it into segments: one was the musical and vocal side, which was very difficult. It’s challenging having to change your tone of voice to sound like someone other than you. That was an experiment we did with the team, and it had a good result. You had to teach a singer to sound like another singer.

What will be the plot of the second season?

Many are the unknowns that remain open at the end of the first season. For example, as Clarín explains, that the main enigma of the second season will be the whereabouts of Luis Miguel’s mother. Remember that his father, Luis Rey, refuses to explain where the woman who brought him into the world is, but the singer is still obsessed with finding her.

Another interesting point in this second season may be what relates the interpreter to fatherhood. Luis Miguel has three recognized children, but the truth is that he has never shown much attention to them. With Stephanie Salas he had Michelle, but he only recognized her as his daughter when she was 17 years old. With the actress Aracely Arámbula he had two children: Miguel and Daniel, today 13 and 12 years old. In this case, he did recognize them at birth, but he has never been very present in their lives.

Finally, we want to highlight that although in the end of the first season, his father Luis Rey ends up dying after behaving very badly with his son, it is possible that perhaps in this second season, the character played by Oscar Jaenada will continue to appear in the form of memories .

Remember that there is no date for the premiere of the Luis Miguel series. It is only known that it will be released in 2021 on Netflix and that the biopic will very possibly be screened by Telemundo in the United States.