these announcements we look forward to at the Galaxy Unpacked presentation – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

We review our predictions of announcements that would be made during the Galaxy Unpacked event where we will meet the Samsung Galaxy S21.

There are only a few days left before we finally meet the already so filtered Samsung Galaxy S21. It is a smartphone of which many details are already known, yes, but there may be some pending surprises.

After all the event’s own teaser video Galaxy Unpacked hints that they would show the smartphone plus some other things.

So now’s the time to share with you our short list of predictions for what could be featured there.

S Pen and stylus case

Let’s start with the obvious. For months it has been leaked that the Galaxy S21 Ultra would have support for the S Pen stylus that to date remained virtually exclusive to the family Galaxy Note.

But recently we saw how it had developed a hard case and a special black stylus for the Galaxy S21. The obvious guess is that we see them in action during the event.

Hello Galaxy SmartTag

Rumors also suggest that Samsung would be ahead of Apple by showing its location accessory created to compete against Tile.

The design of this product has already circulated on the internet for a long time and it is supposed to have the name of Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.

Galaxy Buds Pro?

This is a rumor that is not very well founded. But there is talk that the new Galaxy Buds Pro could be launched at the same time as the Galaxy S21 family.

All as a strategy to compete directly against Apple’s AirPod Pro. But the reality is that this could be the big surprise of the event.

At least there are already photographs of the product. So it is necessary to keep the consideration of this possibility open.

A preview of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, please

The latter is more like part of our wish list. But taking into account what happened in the last event it is possible that at least a little of what comes with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is shown.

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