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ROG unveiled some really cool stuff at CES 2021 and all gamers, not just PC gamers, should take a good look at this.

During CES 2021, ROG announced some very interesting things and it is thanks to that that we have many very interesting news that we share with you below.

Through a virtual reality game called ROG Citadel we were able to see all the ads. In fact, the live presentation shows us this game that you can currently find for free on Steam right now under the name ROG Citadel XV.

ROG Claymore II

A new keyboard that improves everything we saw in 2016 with the first Claymore. It has a numeric keypad that can be removed and placed on the other side of the keyboard so that playing FPS is much more comfortable or you can even remove it completely.

It also has 4 keys that can be customized, as well as better general sensitivity and pressure resistance.

Something better is that it has a battery that lasts 40 hours of continuous gaming or 100 hours with low usage.

ROG Gladius III Wireless

With a new keyboard a new mouse must also arrive and that is why ROG brings us this interesting option. This has three connectivity options:

RF 2.4 GHz
Wireless USB

This mouse weighs only 89g, which makes it 30% lighter than those of the previous generation and also has a 19,000 dpi sensor. There is also a corded option for those who do not want to charge the battery.

ROG Swift PG32UQ

This monitor will not only be perfect to play with your PC, but you can also use it with your new generation video game consoles thanks to its HDMI with Ultra High Speed, 144 Hz and 4K.

It supports NVIDIA G-Sync, ELMB Sync to eliminate Motion Blur, and VESA DisplatHDR 600.

At 32 ”this monitor seems like it will be all that is needed for those who enjoy getting the most out of all their games on any platform you want.

ROG Laptops 2021

These teams will have great things that many will appreciate, mainly to improve the overall gaming experience. For starters, these will have a two-way sound cancellation with Artificial Intelligence. Which will be helped by a very silent fan that will prevent it from having a dust diversion.

These will also feature the world’s first 360Hz display with extremely low response time and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 with 130W NVIDIA Dynamic Boost.

ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 Special Edition

This new edition of the dual-screen laptop helps keep the computer from getting hot thanks to the fact that the interior screen can be lifted, in addition to having AAS Plus cooling.

It features 4k 120HZ with Adobe 100% RGB for a cinematic gaming experience or you can also choose FHD 300Hz with 3ms response time, perfect for competitive gaming.

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