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The story of Daft punkIt certainly was built on his great ability to create great songs filled with all kinds of electronic elements and other styles. And many of those tracks that grace fan playlists wouldn’t be the same without his striking and spectacular videos.

We can say it without problem: the French duo revolutionized the industry not only when it comes to music, they also did it in the audiovisual aspect and the team behind them. Now that the project’s separation has been announced, let’s take a nostalgic tour of some de the best clips that gave us almost 30 years of career.

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Da funk

Talk about Daft punk is to refer to one of the groups that put the roof-house at the top of the popularity charts in the 90’s. Much of it can be attributed to “Da Funk”, that 1995 song that paved the way to what would be the French debut album: Homework.

This song was chosen to promote the album, so it was given its own official video directed by nothing more and nothing less than Spike Jonze and showed us the strange but interesting story of anthropomorphic dog charles, in a visual material called Big city nights.

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One More Time

One of Daft Punk’s quintessential musical works, without a doubt. With his second album, Discovery, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo They wanted to show the world that things were seriously going well on the way to becoming one of the most important musical phenomena from the late 90s and early 2000s.

That record plate, of course, was boosted by the single “One More Time” -a total classic of the time- and the music video with which it opens the story of this friendly band of blue aliens who would eventually be known as Crescendolls.

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When Daft punk They were getting ready to do creepy things, nothing stopped them. The duo and their audiovisual production teams knew how to develop somewhat disturbing images and sequences and at the same time, keep your attention … and so it happened with “Technologic”.

The band took up this theme as one of the singles of Human After All and as soon as he came out, the whole world was carried away by his frenetic rhythm and that little voice that sang a lot of computer command. However, in the video we were struck by the ‘baby robot’ that appeared singing with the robots. Out there it is known that this animatronic is the one that It was used to bring Chucky to life in the 80s-90s movie franchise.

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Burnin ‘

As in many cases, there are songs and videos that sometimes go unnoticed by the public. In the case of Daft Punk, we could say that “Burnin” goes through that little problem, but here we want to honor it as it should because there is a lot of meaning in both the song and its clip.

In this audiovisual, Thomas and Guy-Manuel They took the opportunity to make a spectacular tribute to the music scene known as the Chicago House, which emerged in the 80s. Then, in the clip, several producers of that wave are seen as DJ Sneak, Roger Sanchez, Derrick Carter, Roy Davis Jr, Paul Johnson and more. Basically without that influence, maybe we wouldn’t talk about Daft Punk today.

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The Prime Time of Your Life

With the disc Human After All, Daft Punk tried – in a very particular analysis – to coin the concept of humanity in the face of the evident technological globalization that we have experienced since the beginning of the 2000s. Perhaps the song on that album that evokes that idea in its entirety is “The Prime Time Of Your Life”.

In this video, we see a little girl who watches television and sees everyone as skeletons. After being besieged by a family memory, decides that he wants to become like them too and in a disturbing and frantic fit, he slices his skin “Yeah, that’s how shocking this is.” This could be an analogy to how the show medium sells us the image of slim people and people become obsessed with it, toThe degree of wanting to imitate them.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger … (and once the whole ‘Interstella 5555’)

The story that started with “One More Time” receive in the video of “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” a substantial part of the plot. This is when these kidnapped aliens go through a process to turn them into humans and steal their memory, for later be exploited in the music industry on Earth.

And well, in that sense, maybe we should mention all the Interstella 5555, since each video in this saga shows us an incredible story to complement the narration of these beings who in the end manage to return to their planet to continue doing what they do best: play good music.

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Instant crush

Daft punk it also entered the second decade of the 2000s with everything Random Access Memories 2013 one of the best albums of recent years. That album even won the Grammys for Best Album of the Year and of course it had everything: great songs and top-notch collaborations.

One of those featuring was undoubtedly “Instant Crush” with Julian Casablancas, who we see in the video characterized as a wax doll dressed as a soldier in a museum. His love story with another doll from the same place is frustrated after, in various sequences, we see him fantasizing about her and a happy life. A classic of our times, by far.

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