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The big ones banks of our country are implementing new commercial strategies to make their customers profitable. Thus, many entities are tightening the conditions not to pay for their products and have considerably increased the commissions for their accounts in a scenario in which it is expected that the interest rates remain negative. Given this situation, which are the banks that allow you to open an account for free?

This scenario of ultra-low rates has led entities such as Unicaja, Banco Santander or ING to toughen the commissions to their clients for their products, while others such as BBVA They are beginning to charge for the deposits of the people with greater amounts. However, in this situation, in which we try to get the most out of clients and increase the number of people who hire their services, some entities allow opening accounts without charging commissions.

Accounts without commissions

These free accounts not only allow the opening of these products without commissions, but also offer their users access to the ATM network, discounts on purchases in collaborating companies and advantages such as mobile payment through Bizum and even free transfers.

Checking account Openbank Open It has no commissions and among its advantages it includes a free debit card with which you can withdraw money from the more than 7,000 Banco Santander ATMs without any type of commission, as well as enjoy offers and discounts in companies such as Telepizza or Booking.

Another of these free accounts is Clara de Abanca, in which account holders can withdraw cash up to five times a month at the res of ATMs of different entities such as Bankia, Banco Sabadell, Bankinter, Caja de Arquitectos, Caja de Ingenieros and Euro 6000, in addition to the Abanca ATMs. In addition, they will also be able to have debit cards at no cost.

Neither do holders who want to carry out their daily operations digitally in the account do not have to pay commissions. Online Sin de Liberbank. Apart from the fact that this account has no commission, it also has other advantages aimed at new customers of the entity such as a free debit card with which you can withdraw cash at more than 18,000 ATMs without paying for it.

« The current accounts without commissions and without linking are also useful for couples, family or friends who need to open a joint account and do not want to pay for it, » say HelpMyCash sources.

Finally, the Online account without BBVA commissions for new customers they will also be able to have a free account and will also receive an ‘Aqua’ debit card that will allow them to withdraw money at more than 6,000 ATMs of the entity. The particularity of the ‘Aqua’ cards is that they do not include their numbering or expiration date printed on the surface and also, their CVV changes on a regular basis, which increases security in purchases made with it.

Clients with payroll

Having a payroll is an advantage when it comes to reducing commission payments as much as possible and obtaining benefits that are not available to other clients. One of these examples is Deutsche Bank pays up to 480 euros in cash to new customers who sign up for the Payroll Plus DB Account before January 31st. The bank pays new customers who direct their payroll – of at least 1,500 euros and who make a minimum of four purchases a month with a debit card or one with a credit card – 20 euros per month in the two following years from the hiring. In addition, people who decide to open this account will be able to have free cards, as well as purchases abroad without costs for currency exchange.

ING also offers payroll accounts that include numerous benefits: two days of overdraft without making any charge, withdrawals at more than 50,000 free ATMs, immediate transfers or free cards when directing a payroll, pension or unemployment benefit of any amount.

Finally, the Bankinter Payroll Account It has a profitability of 5% APR the first year and 2% APR the second for a maximum balance of 5,000 euros, which is about 350 euros gross in interest. The account is commission-free and includes a free credit card with access to more than 17,000 ATMs throughout Spain. To hire it, it is necessary to direct a payroll of at least 800 euros, three quarterly receipts and make three purchases with the credit card every three months.

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