These are the benefits of having a cat

Despite being famous for being unfriendly, traitors and too independent, the complicity between cats and humans it is undoubted. Already in Ancient Egypt, cats were even represented as deities. And is that having a cat close by can be surprisingly beneficial to your health.

His calm character and innocent appearance convey a sense of unexplained calm. But also, his company has visible benefits for our health: this is the origin of the idea that cats participate in therapy processes, known as “cat therapy”.

There are many scientific investigations that support “cat therapy”, this therapeutic aspect that consists of, simply, stay in the company of one or more cats. This is the case of a 2008 medical study conducted in the United States over a period of 20 years and presented at the International Conference of the American Stroke Association (ASA), which indicates that cat owners have less risk of developing strokes.

The purring of cats is one of the most important and recognized factors of therapy. Its frequency ranges between 25 and 50 hertz, the same as that used in therapies with patients with bone lesions. However, purring has not been shown to help bone lesions outside the cat but it would increase the density of your own bones. What has been proven is that purring helps lower blood pressure. This way, having a cat purring helps us relax, process emotions and accept certain situations. This is possible, in large part, by the appearance of endorphins. The mixture of these produces the stimulation of cellular activation and strengthens the immune system.

The effects of purring on people are very effective therapy in patients with psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety or even autism.

Also, the cat company has a very important psychological effect. Her presence can awaken feelings of protection and feeling needy, which strengthen us. Here we tell you more benefits that putting a kitty in your life has.