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Game of Thrones turns 10 and HBO wants to celebrate with great fanfare by inviting fans to return to Westeros. Starting April 10, the chain will offer the MaraThrone, a marathon of two weeks of transmission GoT to relive epic moments.

To commemorate it, HBO proposed six playlists with key moments or characters of history. Although most are aimed at those who have already seen Game of Thrones, the list known as “Welcome to Westeros” recommends watching the 75 episodes distributed throughout eight seasons of GoT.

For fans of the Mother of dragons A list is included that spans her entire adventure from her brother Viserys handing her over to Karl Drogo to the disappointing ending of season 8 on the Iron Throne.

If Dany is not your thing, there is a list focused on Arya Stark and stretches from his first moments in Winterfell to the key fight in which he saves Westeros. Arya is one of the favorite characters of many and the list of episodes is more than interesting. In her we can see how she evolves and becomes one of the most imposing women in Game of Thrones.

Those looking only for the GoT episodes with the most epic battles they can follow “Marathrone by Combat.” This list includes chapters such as the Battle of Blackwater, the fight between the Mountain and Oberyn Martell, or the spectacular Battle of the Bastards, directed by Miguel Sapochnik.

The best fights of ‘Game of Thrones’ according to HBO

The Battle of the Bastards in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season EpisodeSeason 1Episode 6: A Golden CrownSeason 2Episode 9 Black WaterSeason 3Episode 5 Kissed by Fire Episode 7 The Bear and the MaidenSeason 4Episode 5 The First of His Name Episode 8 The Mountain and the Viper Episode 9 The Watchers on the Wall Episode 10 The ChildrenSeason 5Episode 4 Sons of the Harpy Episode 7 The Gift Episode 8 Hardhome Episode 10 MercySeason 6Episode 3 Perjuro Episode 5 The Gate Episode 9 The Battle of the BastardsSeason 7Episode 2 Born of the Storm Episode 4 Spoils of War Episode 6 Beyond the WallSeason 8Episode 3 The Long Night (The Battle of Winterfell) Episode 5 The Bells

The White walkers are the most fearsome enemies of Game of Thrones and there are a list dedicated to them. Although the series was able to delve more into the origin or give them more screen time, the reality is different and this list includes only 11 episodes.

Last but not least, HBO offers a section dedicated to episodes with the most shocking scenes. Do you remember the Red Wedding? That moment when you cried for Hodor? Everyone the GoT spoilers you posted on social media for 10 years they are on a list to get you excited again.

The most shocking moments of the series

Game of Thrones HBO Game of ThronesHodor and the moment we all cried Season EpisodeSeason 1Episode 1 Winter is Coming Episode 9 Baelor Episode 10 Fire and BloodSeason 2Episode 9 Black WaterSeason 3Episode 3 The Path of Punishment Episode 5 Kissed by Fire Episode 6 The Rise Episode 9 The Rains of CastamereSeason 4Episode 5 The Lion and the Rose Episode 8 The Mountain and the ViperSeason 5Episode 8 Hardhome Episode 9 Dragon Dance Episode 10 MercySeason 6Episode 5 The Gate Episode 9 The Battle of the Bastards Episode 10 The Winds of WinterSeason 7Episode 6 Beyond the Wall Episode 7 The Dragon and the WolfSeason 8Episode 3 The Long Night (The Battle of Winterfell) Episode 6 The Iron Throne

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