These are the most durable and reliable appliance brands, according to the OCU

The popular belief that home appliances are one of the appliances with ever shorter lifespan is true. However, there is a lot of difference between some brands and others, so the Consumer and User Organization hThey have prepared a list with the brands that last the longest, comparing washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators …

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Formerly, spending a little more money on a certain appliance was not a problem, since these lasted a long time, even “for life”. However, this has changed a lot.

Household appliances last less and less, so knowing the durability of the different brands is essential. To do this, the OCU has conducted a survey among thousands of consumers to know the average useful life of each appliance.

This Reliability Survey of Large and Small Appliances have managed to collect more than 87,000 consumer ratings from Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, who have responded on the duration and reliability of their main electrical appliances and, also, how long their previous electrical appliances lasted.

Which brand lasts the longest and which are the most popular?

This analysis reveals that the most common duration of large electrical appliances is between 10 and 12 years, although some brands do not reach that average and others exceed it.

The durability results have as a winner the Miele brand, as it stands out as the most durable, by far, in washers, dryers and dishwashers, and it is also the longest lasting in refrigerators.

For its part, Bosch and Balay are the most popular brands in Spain and, in the case of dryers, the AEG brand is among the most purchased by the Spanish.


The reliability survey also has focused on the frequency and importance of breakdowns This has resulted in the longest-lasting brands being generally the most reliable as well.

As for refrigerators, one of the large appliances, they usually last about 12 years. The most durable brands regarding this device are:

  • General Electric (15 years)

There are other brands of intermediate duration (12 years), such as Balay, Electrolux or Miele. The ones that last the least in time are the following brands:

  • Hotpoint (10 years)
  • Daewoo (9 years )
  • Samsung (9 years)

In addition, it must be taken into account that No Frost system, temperature control and door lock are the weak points of these devices. Thus, before deciding on one or the other, you can consult the OCU refrigerator comparator.

Washing machines

As for washing machines, their average life is slightly more than 11 years, but there are models of washing machines much more long-lived, being the most durable brand Miele, with 15 years of useful life.

There are others of intermediate duration (12 years), such as Aspes, Siemens or Zanussi, and other brands whose washing machines last less than the average, Which are the following:

  • Teak (10 years)
  • Candy (10 years)
  • Hoover (10 years)
  • Indesit (10 years)
  • Whirlpool (10 years)

Problems with the door and the filter are usually the cause of the most frequent breakdowns, so before buying a washing machine, you should also look at reliability. You can compare different models of washing machine in the OCU tool.


The average life of this appliance is usually around 11 years, these being the most durable brands:

  • Honey (15 years)
  • Neff (13 years)
  • From Dietrich (12 years)
  • Zanussi (12 years)
  • Siemens (12 years)

Other brands, such as Balay, Smeg, AEG have an intermediate durability, about 11 years. The brands that last less than dishwashers are the following:

  • Hoover (10 years)
  • Ignis (10 years)
  • Fagor (10 years)
  • Whirlpool (10 years)
  • Candy (10 years)
  • Teak (10 years)
  • Hotpoint (10 years)
  • Indesit (10 years)

The most common failures in dishwashers are circulation and drain. Miele dishwashers break down the least, second only to Beko and Neff. Before buying one, you can check the OCU’s dishwasher comparator.


Also 11 years is how long a dryer usually lasts. Once again, Miele dryers are more durable, exceeding 15 years, followed by the Baucknecht brand, which last 12 years. Intermediate life dryer brands are:

  • Siemens (11 years)
  • Balay (11 years)
  • Bosch (11 years)
  • AEG (10 years)
  • Zanussi (10 years)
  • Hotpoint (10 years)
  • Electrolux (10 years)
  • Whirlpool (10 years)

The brands that last the least are Indesit (9 years) and Fagor (8 years). The most common breakdowns in this type of appliance are in the drying and the belt. By brand, Miele is also the most reliable brand, the one with the least breakdowns. You can check the OCU dryer comparator.

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