These are the scenarios where Chivas would face América, Pumas or Cruz Azul in the league

The league of the League MX is about to start and for the first time since Closing 2011, the so-called ‘big 4’ of Mexican soccer are in the league. After sorting Chivas in the repechage, he confirmed that he will be measured at America, Pumas or Cruz Azul in the Quarter finals and here we will tell you the combinations to know which opponent will be measured.

The words of Víctor Manuel Vucetich after the classification of Chivas to the league


Chivas was classified to the league as seventh after facing the repechage and Pachuca He did it as ninth after beating Santos, so that moment the ‘Flock’ has avoided the Lion… but that could be a little ‘worse’, because as we already said, his forced rival is between America, Pumas or Cruz Azul. Vucetich spoke after the classification of the ‘Herd’.

What combination puts Chivas against Pumas?

Pumas was the best classified of the ‘Big 4’ in this league and is that the ‘University’ they finished in second position with 32 units.

Here are the goals of the triumph of Pumas in the capital classic against AmericaHere are the goals of the triumph of Pumas in the capital classic against America


This would appear to be the most feasible scenario for Chivas in the league and is that for the confrontation to take place, Tigers I would have to beat the Toluca Y Striped of Monterrey eliminate Puebla, combination than forecasting, seems to be more feasible. This is how the Pumas in the quarterfinals.

What does it take for there to be a National Classic in the Quarterfinals?

This scenario is somewhat more complicated and is that the America culminated as third place in the League MX with the same 32 points but less goal difference.

memes classic capital city pumas americamemes classic capital city pumas america


For what Chivas be measured at America in Quarter finals it takes that Toluca eliminate the Tigers and that Striped do the same to him Puebla, This is how the National Classic in this phase … or else, that Puebla eliminates Monterrey and Tigres beat Toluca.

What combination is required for a Cruz Azul vs Chivas to take place?

Here if it would require almost a miracle and it is that for this duel to take place, it takes both Toluca as Puebla eliminate the royal clubs from the league, a mission that is complicated but not impossible, but it would be the only way for the ‘Flock’ be measured at ‘Machine’ in Quarter finals.

Why is the defeat of Cruz Azul bad news for América and Pumas?Why is the defeat of Cruz Azul bad news for América and Pumas?


Everything will be defined this Sunday, November 22 and is that Tigers receive the Toluca o’clock 19:00 hrs while Striped will do the honors to Puebla o’clock 21:10 hrs.