These three technological inventions of successful companies went down the ravine of failure

Not all that glitters is gold. Those who make precious stone jewelry know it and it is a phrase that can be used for the undertakings of any other economic activity. The tech world knows this as it puts out an enormous number of devices that end up being flops.

It is a waste of time and money. But it serves to measure the market, the needs and tastes of the users.

Therefore, we come up with three technological inventions from companies that are very successful, that promised that they would revolutionize the market and ended up going down the cliff of failure -the products, not the companies-.

A report made by M.D. Tech It highlights these three products that, now after their failure, everyone says, what were they thinking? But at the time, the heads of the companies were completely convinced that it would work.

Back to the Future car

It is obvious that the DeLorean Company did not think that this car was going to achieve time travel. But the fever for the iconic film made manufacturers think that users were going to buy an exact replica of ‘Doc’ Emmet Brown’s car.

They were far removed from reality. The car company, which has excellent car designs, flopped with this launch in the early 1980s.

Not a nice console

Nintendo is a pioneer in the video game industry. We agree? Everything he launches is a success, right? Of course not. In 1995 he came out with a console they called Virtual Boy. The goal was impressive for the time, to explore 3D graphics through glasses very similar to VR.

Unfortunately, the device generated severe dizziness and neck pain in users, due to how heavy it was. It only lasted a year and the company withdrew them from the market.

A cell phone just for tweeting

Of all, this must be the most absurd and it did not occur to Elon Musk. The social networking company launched in 2009 a cell phone exclusively for use on Twitter. At that time, there were already smartphones on which you could install the application. It cost $200 and it was free. Why would I want a device just for this app?

Twitter Peek

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