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Brands are important case studies that remind us of how important it is to understand the consumer and the commercial context in which they operate.

There are various elements that warn us of the value of brands and this is undoubtedly determined by the ability of brands to innovate.

Innovation is everything and this rethinking of your strategy is possible with a good book that perfects your marketing strategy.

There are a number of very good book recommendations that we made throughout the week that will help you in your work as a marketer, so you should know all the references there are to improve your professional results.

Learn to design a very good offer for your brand

Within works such as Offers that sell: How to make offers that attract customers, increase profits and grow businesses (Growing Company No. 1)

Damian Gil Lozano It guides us through a work in which it warns of the capacity that brands find when they manage to establish a process where they create winning offers, just as the best companies that sell to the consumer do.

The proposal made by Lozano warns of the importance of knowing the consumer to achieve successful offers, which is why he has presented a work in which you find content written in a simple, entertaining and deeply practical sense.

The work helps us to fully understand consumer psychology to identify the elements that help to find an attractive meaning in the offers in the face of digital or physical sales processes.


This book helps you manage your talent from an unexpected perspective

A very helpful work is Calm

where Michale acton smith shows us the elements that manage to transcend quality in talent management.

Managing talent is a challenging task day after day and the most important thing is that it is an opportunity to establish activities that help us to be more assertive in our work.


The best book on the life of Jeff Bezos

In Crea y Divaga: Vida Y Reflections by Jeff Bezos / The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos

, the creator of Amazon presents us with a work in which he makes an important summary of his entire life, with reflections and principles from which we know the reasons that have always led him to success.

The success that he defines us is a concept that goes beyond the millions of dollars that have consolidated him as the richest man in the world, on the contrary, what he explains is that his innovations have been the engines that have changed everyday life of consumers.

Bezos’ strategy for his abundance is simple, balancing his passion for the humanities and his charm for technology, where his focus has always been on business.

Thanks to this mentality, he has managed to maintain a business strategy with which he has completely transformed e-commerce, from which he has been able to invest in information and entertainment media, as well as in the aerospace industry.


So thinks a millionaire mind

In The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: How To Master The Inner Game Of Wealth (cover may vary)

T. Harv Eker warns us that we all have a personal pattern of how we perceive money in our subconscious, which is why activities in our financial life are determined.

“You can know everything about marketing, sales, negotiations, stocks, real estate and finances in general, but if your money master is not programmed for success you will never have much money; And if you somehow get it, you will lose it with great ease.

The good news is that now, by applying the simple instructions contained in this book, you can reprogram your money pattern to lead you to financial success in a natural and automatic way, ”the author explains.

Within this complete work, fundamental elements are revealed that help you understand the wealth and capacity you have to make money your best ally.


Digital marketing focused on sales

In Online Visibility – Digital Marketing 2021 – Create Web with WordPress, SEO Positioning, Google Analytics, Online Advertising, Facebook and Usability:… for Companies and Entrepreneurs in 2021

Bernanrt Riera warns us of how important digital exposure has become based on a strategy thought in phases.

The first phase seeks to understand what ideas help to create online businesses to maintain passive income. In a second phase, work begins on the creation of a website with wordpress, while in a third phase, SEO positioning is considered, while online advertising and user experience are key to achieving a business with the greatest experience, leaving the narrative of data in phase six.

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