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Today, Monday, the advance payment dates for government pensions and scholarships were announced. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that 200 million pesos will be earmarked for wellness programs.

This delivery of resources will be carried out in advance due to the electoral ban, therefore, we tell you the exact dates of the payments so that you take note and check that the resources are in your account.

Dates of payment of scholarships and pensions. Photo: My Pocket Pension for the elderly and scholarships

The advance payment date for the two months March-April and May-June, for those who have a card, will be the March, 15th. Payment in cash will be made between March 15 and April 3Therefore, for those two-month periods there is a projection of 8,044,000 older adults; 996,000 people with disabilities and 227,000 girls and boys, children of working mothers, will be reached.

The total has a list of 9.2 million beneficiaries and right holders with a social investment of 49 thousand 500 million pesos. In this case, each of the beneficiaries will receive 5,400 pesos for what corresponds to March-April and May-June.

Sowing Life

Regarding the Sembrando Vida program, the beneficiaries will receive advance payments for February, March and April in March. In this case, there are two payment methods:

By bank dispersion, which will be on March 5. By pay table, which will be held from March 5 to 19.

In total, there will be a dispersion of 6 thousand 345 million 360 thousand pesos and the payment corresponding to May will be delivered in June, once the electoral ban is over. This program currently operates in 20 entities of the country, in highly marginalized communities and degraded areas.

Youth Building the Future

Through this program, 1 million 607,000 young apprentices are benefited, who have worked and trained on the job, of them, 57% are women, 42% men and to date 203,000 work centers participate, companies from large, medium, units small economic.

Advance payments will correspond to the months of March, April and May, the deposit will be made from next March 13, for 12,930 pesos, directly to the accounts of the young people.

Credit to the Word Supports

This year it will be supported with 60,000 additional credits, which will be distributed as follows:

20,000 credits to support those credits that were outstanding in welfare last year. 20,000 for women in solidarity, that is, women who are heads of businesses or who are heads of their own work. 20,000 for completed companies, which is a modality very similar to the one that has been working with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

If you want to register to be a candidate to receive this support, you can do so on the page, where applications will be received until March 8.

Farmer programs

In this case, the Production for Wellbeing program, the resources will be delivered until March 31. It will also receive an increase of 23 percent and seeks to benefit 2.3 million farmers.

Scholarships for students

In the case of scholarships for basic education, there are a total of 3,836,727 boys and girls beneficiaries and an amount of 18 thousand 416 million 289 thousand 600 pesos will be dispersed, which was made on February 19.

Regarding upper secondary education, it is being divided into two payments, one was made on February 19 and another on March 26. For its part, with regard to higher education there will also be two payments, the first on February 19 and the second in March.

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