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Johnson’s photograph with the Pelosi atrium is one of the most publicized of the events that occurred at the Capitol

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Miami.- Adam Johnson, the president’s supporter Donald trump captured when he was carrying the lectern of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi, in a photograph of the Capitol Wednesday, it was stopped in Florida.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, on the west-central coast of Florida, said this Saturday that Johnson was captured on the basis of a federal arrest warrant.

In the mugshot of his arrest, he appears without the bright smile he wore when he was photographed on January 6 during the shooting of the Capitol by Trump supporters who had attended a meeting of the president shortly before, which urged them to march to the building that houses the two houses of Congress.

Among other things, Trump told his followers that if they did not fight with force, they would no longer have « a country » and that the weak had to be left out because « the hour of force » had come.

Johnson, according to the mugshot, is 36 years old, resides in Tampa, was stopped on January 8 and is « awaiting trial. »

The file does not specify the charges for which he is charged.

Johnson’s photograph with the Pelosi atrium is one of the most publicized of the events that occurred in the Capitol, where five people died, one of them a policeman, and many were injured.

The assailants wrecked Congress headquarters and clashed with law enforcement in an episode that some legislators have defined as an attempted coup and others as an « insurrection. »

The condemnation has been practically unanimous and Trump has been held directly responsible for the events as instigator not only by the Democrats, who have called for his removal, but by some Republicans.

Trump risks impeachment, the second of his term, before Democrat Joe Biden assumes the US Presidency on January 20 as the winner of the November 3 election.

The current president does not accept the electoral results and claims without evidence to have been the victim of massive fraud, which is why on January 6 he urged his supporters to march to the Capitol.

That day in the legislative chambers the certification of Biden’s victory was carried out, which Trump describes as a « robbery. »

Once the situation was controlled, Congress resumed the session interrupted by the assault and certified Biden as president-elect in the early hours of January 7.

Trump, whose Facebook and Twitter accounts have been blocked to prevent incitement to violence, will not attend Biden’s inauguration.

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