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Although it’s been a few days since several of Donald Trump’s supporters seized the Washington Capitol, the thing is still ant color in the United States. They are barely arresting people who without owing or fearing entered one of the most important venues in the neighboring country, such as the guy who stole the lectern and the guy who appeared dressed as a buffalo, but a rather strange name also rang out there, Punisher.

In pictures: Trump supporters violently enter the US Capitol

And what does the Punisher and Marvel have to do with all this?

Yes, as they read it. Turns out that this marvel character and the favorite of all those who like the darkest stories of this publishing house, was present during the protests on January 6, but not in the way the company would have liked.

Imagine to what degree all this reached that from that day, a lot of people on social media are asking to remove the logo.

Marvel’s The Punisher


Punisher amid protests on Capitol Hill

Turns out that various groups of protesters have adopted the Punisher shield over the years; you know, the skull on the black background. However, it has recently been noticed during marches such as those of the Blue Lives Matter movement and of course, those that occurred in recent days on the Capitol, but apparently, all of them are getting carried away by the fictional story of the antihero from the comics.

As you will remember, in the comics he tells us that Frank Castle –As this character is actually called– he is a former marine. But beyond that, various writers have made it very clear on many occasions that he is not a hero; in reality, first of all they always present him murderer driven by revenge, putting that above the patriotism and sense of duty he had when serving his country.

Photo: Marvel

According to ScreenRant, the Punisher himself in the comics has scolded the police for wearing his logo, making it very clear that it has nothing to do with the duty to protect and serve, but that has not prevented it from appearing on the uniforms of policemen and soldiers, as well as in the last mobilizations that we saw in the United States, although not

What does the character have to do with all this?

Last week, photos appeared of various people on Capitol Hill with Punisher logos on T-shirts, backpacks and hatsMost of these designs featured the well-known skull on the flag of the United States. After the chaos that ended with the death of several people, comic creators and voices in the industry wondered if the image and character had been tainted and they asked Marvel to do something about it.

But beyond simply punishing a character for reasons that to be honest are not so valid, Various solutions to this problem have appeared on social networks. Instead of the comic book house removing it for good, they are proposing to make it Frank Castle fights against systemic injustice, abuse of power and everything that is against the people who identify with him and their motivations.

Solutions for Frank Castle to continue to exist

On the other hand, he also mentions that another option could be allow the Punisher name to be passed to an African American character, as they have done with other Marvel superheroes and thus reject those who project a theme of racial hatred on him. But what most have commented that the publishing company should assert its brand and teach all those who terrorized the streets a lesson and Capitol buildings.

For now, Marvel hasn’t said anything about it. However, and something that writers and those who have followed his story for years agree on is that they have to change to punisherThey also point out that the company cannot sit down and do nothing, otherwise the character and his iconic logo will be stained forever.

Photo: Marvel

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