During the Coronavirus contingency, people who work in homes and are transported to their place of employment should stay home and receive their full salary, indicates the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred).

Through a statement, the institution encourages employers to guarantee the health of domestic workers, supporting them to remain in their homes. According to their figures, around 98% of those who have this type of work do not have a contract and only 12% have some type of benefit.

This Monday, March 30, the International Day of Domestic Workers is commemorated, although men and women c

the domestic workers during the time of staying at home • 98% of the domestic workers do not have a contract and only 12% have any work benefit In the framework of the National Day of Healthy Distance and the commemoration of the Day International Domestic Workers, this Monday March 30, the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) urges employers to ensure the health and full payment of wages of domestic workers and thus comply with the recommendation of the Government of Mexico to stay home. During phase 2 of the contingency for coronavirus COVID-19 (community dispersion), declared by the authorities of the federal Ministry of Health, a call is made not to increase the workload of domestic workers residing in the home of their employers or employers, both to care for infants and care for those who present symptoms of illnesses that put their health at risk. The Conapred joins the efforts of organizations and institutions that on this date make visible the historic struggle for the achievement of the rights to a living wage, social security and a job without discrimination of this population sector. It is worth remembering the historical discrimination faced by the 2.4 million people who dedicate themselves to this work, of which 98% do not have a contract and only 12% have a job benefit. According to the National Survey on Discrimination (ENADIS, 2017), said absence of benefits is their main problem, coupled with poor working conditions and mistreatment or abuse in the workplace. At the present time, Conapred encourages employers, as far as possible, to preserve the jobs of this sector of the population, guarantee that they stay at home and pay them the full amount of their salary given the health risks that It involves moving, taking care of your health and contributing to expenses in case you get sick. Likewise, within the framework of this commemoration, Conapred reiterates the call for employers to enroll domestic workers in the Mexican Social Security Institute. This process can be started immediately online, at the portal http://www.imss.gob.mx/personas-trabajadoras-hogar. Conapred calls on domestic workers to follow hygiene measures in this contingency: increase hand washing and ensure the use of gloves to avoid direct contact with disposable handkerchiefs, dishes, or clothing for people with conditions that put their health at risk. Health. If you do not live in the house where you work, # QuédateEnCasa, and remember that you must receive your full salary.


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