They ask to investigate several suicides of coronavirus cases in Russia

Several doctors in Russia and Ukraine have called for an investigation into why dozens of Covid patients have thrown themselves into the void From tall buildings after a 101-year-old ex-paratrooper was the last to jump in, the British tabloid reported Daily Mail.

Some experts in Russia and Ukraine have questioned whether something behind the coronavirus or the medication used to treat it has led patients without known suicidal inclinations to suicide, according to the aforementioned newspaper.

Citizens with masks due to the coronavirus pandemic, in Tokyo, Japan.

Known cases include a 38-year-old sportswoman, a retired police officer or a doctor assigned to a hospital. Some hospitals, always according to the aforementioned media, have screwed windows and eliminated openers to prevent more cases of this type from occurring.

According to the Ukrainian cardiologist Kateryna Amosova, the medical aspects behind these cases should be analyzed. “Let’s start by asking ourselves if Covid causes neuropsychiatric disorders and what kind “.

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