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As for many video game series, 2021 will be an extremely important year for Sonic the Hedgehog, as it will mark 30 years since the launch of the first game in the franchise. There are no details yet on how SEGA will celebrate this anniversary, but at the end of last year it was accidentally revealed that a Netflix series about the hedgehog is in the works and, if you’re excited about this project, there is good news as they were learn more unofficial details about him.

In the middle of last month, Netflix accidentally announced that it was developing a new Sonic animated series, which would be run by the companies Wild Brain and Man of Action Entertainment and would feature 3D computer graphics.

Being a premature announcement, neither Netflix nor SEGA gave more details about it, but recently more details came to light. The unofficial information comes from comic book writer Ian Flynn, who works on the official Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

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The new Sonic series apparently will have an original adventure

In a question and answer session from BumbleKast (via Nintendo Life), the project was recalled so far not made official of the Sonic series for Netflix and in this regard the creative confirmed that it will not be based on the comics of IDW Publishing, the company American publisher of comics, graphic novels and art books, which is responsible for publishing the Sonic comic series.

That said, the new Netflix production is expected to relate a completely original adventure about the hedgehog. However, we invite you to take this as unofficial information, because, as we mentioned, so far SEGA has not made the announcement of the new Sonic animated series official.

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SEGA still does not reveal anything officially about this Sonic project, but in 2021 the franchise will be 30 years old, so it is expected to be part of the multiple announcements that the company prepares to celebrate the anniversary in a big way with fans. of the hedgehog.

SEGA recently shared unreleased footage from various Sonic games and it was confirmed that as part of its 30th anniversary, a cool encyclopedia will be released this year. You can find more news related to Sonic the Hedgehog by visiting this page.

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