“They attacked the integrity of the vote”: Texas prosecutor asked to block Biden’s victory

15 minutes. The Attorney General of Texas, Republican Ken Paxton, asked the Supreme Court of the United States (USA) on Tuesday to prevent 4 key states from certifying the victory of the Democrat, Joe Biden, in the presidential elections on November 3.

Paxton directed his lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In all 4 states, Biden defeated the current president, Republican Donald Trump.

Your goal is prevent them from certifying Biden’s victory next Monday, when the Electoral College plans to meet to formally ratify the next president.

These 4 states have a total of 62 votes in the Electoral College. In this sense, if the Supreme Court were to position itself in favor of the Texas prosecutor, the result of the elections could change, since Trump accumulates 232 votes and Biden 306, above the 270 barrier necessary to reach the White House.

The pandemic was the excuse

In his brief to the Supreme Court, Paxton accused the governors of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin of having used the COVID-19 pandemic as a “pretext” to change electoral rules. Also, by allowing more voting by mail, an option that millions of Americans chose.

Furthermore, he argued that Texas feels harmed by this matter. Those states “they threatened the integrity of the vote“from its own citizens, but also from the rest of the constituencies that did not change their rules due to the pandemic.

The demand was filed directly before the Supreme Court because it is the only instance with the authority to settle disputes between states, although it exercises this competence only rarely.

The highest court must now decide whether or not to consider the case.

The US Supreme Court is made up of 3 progressive justices and 6 talkers. This latest figure includes 3 Trump-appointed magistrates.

The president so far has not recognized his defeat in the elections. It alleges that there was electoral fraud, especially in voting by mail. This modality was fundamental due to the pandemic. Trump filed several lawsuits in key states, most of which have been dismissed by the courts.

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