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Studies claim that there are approximately 128 million pieces scattered in low orbit.

It seems that polluting the entire planet is not enough. Then, the human being transcends in this detestable practice and full of garbage the low orbit of the land. The space debris They went from being a theoretical problem to a situation that they have to reverse now. At least this is what one expert warns, because European satellites are in danger.

The amount of space debris is so great that it is already compared to the immense islands of plastic that form in the oceans from the earth. In total, they account for approximately 128 million pieces of 1 millimeter. While they describe that there are other 34 thousand that exceed 10 centimeters.

Daily Mail Review that are counted from the flakes of paintings that are detached from satellites, to the pieces of the rockets left in orbit. « It is not a theoretical threat but a reality, » he said. Ekaterini Kavvada, General Director of the European Commission of the IDefense and Space Industry.

Consequences of space debris

Kavvada calls for quick action on this problem. He argues that the debris could cause damage to the satellites that are active.

« Orbiting space debris has become the new island of drifting plastic, if I had to make the comparison. It poses an imminent threat to the safety of all traffic and space. Sustainability, » he said.

Explain not to get carried away by the size of space debris. Each piece travels at great speed. So a small 1 centimeter fragment can do enough damage up to destruction.

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