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Pokémon is a huge franchise, with very creative fans doing great things. We were recently struck by the creation of a fan who adapted a Pichu sculpture to make it a unique wireless charger.

The YouTube channel called Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art shared a video in which it shows a statue of Pichu made of clay. What is striking is that he adapted an Apple wireless charger and put it as one of the cheeks of this creature.

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So, the result is a statue of a Pichu that can hold your phone in one hand while using its cheek to recharge its battery.

In case you are not a fan of Pokémon, we tell you that Pichu and his evolutions can draw electrical energy from their cheeks and that is why it turns out to be such a great charger. Mind you, Pichu may not be the best pick of all, since, according to the Pokémon Gold Pokédex, he still doesn’t fully control his ability to release electricity.

You can see the creation process below:

Do not expect this product to be sold in stores

Without a doubt it is a great idea and there have even been individuals who have asked the person in charge to produce several to sell them. Sadly it is something that will hardly happen, since it does not have the official license to mass produce it and sell it. If you do, you could face a huge lawsuit from The Pokémon Company, so thankfully you won’t.

And to you, what did you think of this idea? Would you like The Pokémon Company to make such a product? Tell us in the comments.

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