They criticize the widow of José Ángel García for uploading a selfie with the open coffin – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Because José Angel García Huerta himself, Gael García’s father, asked him, his widow uploaded to social networks, and for a few minutes, photos of her next to the body at the wake.

Bella de la Vega explained, to the comment of who identified herself as the niece of the telenovela director, that the photos were a wish of the deceased.

“When we talked about this, he told me to take pictures with him, as if he were with me,” he said.

“Sorry if it bothers you I’ll take them off. But I’m doing what he and I talked about, “he added in his reply.

García Huerta died yesterday at age 70 after complications from pulmonary fibrosis that was diagnosed four years ago.

Users who saw the images considered that they were images of morbid and bad taste. They also noted that no pain was seen in the 36-year-old De la Vega.

In another image on her Facebook account, the actress and model posted a photograph of both in Chetumal.

“Just a few days ago, happy and loving us,” he wrote.

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