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It is well known that Marvel and Disney They are already working on a second reboot for The Fantastic Four. Now that the rights of this group of superheroes are back home, all kinds of rumors have started to emerge regarding their production. One of the most recent has to do with the alleged participation of Jennifer Lawrence In the role of Sue Storm / Invisible Woman, but they turned out to be false.

Justin Kroll, journalist for Deadline, assured that this film is still in very, very early stages of its production. In fact, the people of Marvel he’s still looking for writers for the project, which means they’re not even looking for actors yet.

“I’ll just say this, Marvel is just meeting with the writers for Fantastic Four, there is no script yet and filming is a long way away.”

Another rumor also mentioned that Marvel would be filming all his future movies in Australia due to the pandemic of COVID-19. This also turned out to be false.


Source: Justin kroll

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