They find a loaded pistol in a store bathroom and discover that a police officer forgot it after going to the bathroom

Among the things that can be found in a public toilet are toilet paper or a more or less dirty toilet and sink, but not a gun, much less loaded. Therefore, customers of a store in the Kita neighborhood (Osaka, Japan) were surprised when they found one of these firearms in one of the individual bathrooms.

Last Wednesday morning, a shopper walked into a 24-hour store and discovered in the toilet a belt hung of the door that carried a pair of handcuffs and a loaded gun. Quickly, he notified the manager, who called the police so he could trace the weapon.

As reported by SoraNews24, the investigation led them to one of their agents, a 30 year old sergeant from the Osaka Police Station who was patrolling the area and entered the store that morning to use the bathroom.


Hanging from the typical door hook, destined to leave coats or bags, was the belt of this agent, so it seems that he felt the need to take it off to relieve himself at ease, and everything indicates that they were ‘major waters’. Fortunately, only about 30 minutes passed since the police entered and forgot his belongings until someone saw them and warned.

This certainly shows how safe Japan can be considered, as someone found his pistol and quickly alerted to return it. But not only that, but the agent never realized that he was missing the gun and the handcuffs until they called, so it doesn’t seem like he normally needs to use them.

Even so, and although the pistol was not used at this time, it is considered a major negligence for which the Osaka Metropolitan Police apologized. “We will strive to control and more adequately ensure the police team so that this does not happen again“declared a spokesman.

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