They find a new monolith, this time on an island in southern Britain

Monolith fever has experienced a new episode this week after a new structure was found on a beach on the southern Isle of Wight, located a few kilometers south of the island of Great Britain.

After the first was discovered in the middle of the Utah desert, other monoliths have appeared in places as different as California (USA), the Netherlands, Romania … and even Spain, specifically in the municipality of Ayllón (Segovia).

Metallic monolith found in the ruins of the church of Santiago in Ayllón.

Several of them have been claimed as part of an action by a collective of artists called The Most Famous Artist, although in this case the author is a 29 year old local designer named Tom Dunford, who has joined the monolith fever.

“I just did it for fun”Dunford declared in an interview with the BBC. “When I saw the first appear, I thought it was brilliant. The second appeared and I got a message from a friend saying, ‘You are the man who can do this on the island.’

“I am completely fascinated by futuristic design, science and Space. The real idea jumped to me when I was walking back from the office, “adds the artist. To avoid attracting attention, Dunford installed it at four in the morning on Sunday, a time when he knew the beach would be little crowded.

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