They get to run Ubuntu on an iPhone

Although many users use the jailbreak to customize their iPhone options, most agree on the same changes or on the habit of installing third-party apps. However, a user shared an experiment, and thanks to the licenses that the process allows, he decided change the iOS operating system to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu on iPhone
They manage to run the arm64 version of Ubuntu 20.04 on the iPhone

The process was shared on Reddit by the user identified as [«newhacker1746] ( This showed the result of changing the operating system of your iPhone 7, motivated by the failures that it generated due to a problem in its internal storage. It was then that the user decided to try to install another operating system on the device via a USB Ethernet connection.

They replace iOS by Ubuntu on an iPhone 7

According to a note shared from ., the process used the checkra1n jailbreak tool, which is based on the “checkm8” non-patchable hardware exploit and is so powerful that it offers much more than just a package manager and instant access to files. Favorite jailbreak settings.

Further, the kernel used to run Ubuntu on the iPhone does not appear to be compatible with other chips besides the A10 Fusion, so it must be done on an iPhone 7.

After a really long and complicated process, the user achieved successfully run arm64 version of Ubuntu 20.04 on iPhone. The result was shared in a video, showing the entire Ubuntu boot process before the phone finally appears in the command line-based login interface.

Although perhaps most users never make this modification, it is interesting as a possibility that enables jailbreak on Apple devices, as for other operating systems, after Android has been run on the iPhone on other occasions.

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