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They are in fashion and you can see them both in celebrities and influencers. Extra white, aligned teeth without any blemishes are a trend on social media, but are they really like that?

The safest thing is that the people who look this way, decided to change their smile, that is, they have preferred to choose to use dental prostheses, known as veneers to keep them healthy.

Alan Andrés Vázquez Vargas, dental surgeon and director of the CUAltos Medical and Comprehensive Care Center of the University of Guadalajara, warned that those who resort to this treatment without needing it can pay the long-term consequences.

“With this treatment there is a consequence that is the fact that it is irreversible, a veneer treatment is practically wearing down your teeth, which do not grow like nails or hair, unfortunately the tooth enamel no longer grows and is irreversible” he explained.

This previous change is what will allow the placement of a veneer with which the person has the opportunity to choose the color, he explained.

“The whole life the patient will have to get veneers again or one after this. It may even exist at the time, sensitivity problems, periodontal, among others due to this treatment ”, he stated.

And not everything in veneers is negative, as there are patients who are candidates, so after starting their treatment their emotional state improves, but it is only indicated in some cases.

“These treatments are usually given when teeth lose their color or pigmentation. (In the case) of fluorosis, when the patient took a certain medicine as a child, ”he highlighted.

So if you choose to stick with fashion, think twice, because if your teeth are healthy then you will only affect them.

“For some years it has been like the most emblematic of dentistry, from the artists who do smile design, veneers, all that kind of thing, but they have their consequences if they don’t really have the proper care,” stressed Vásquez Vargas.

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, the specialist indicated that there are options such as orthodontic treatments to improve the position of these, teeth whitening or cleanings with which you can show off healthy teeth and in good condition.

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