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Still a few years ago, few had realized that Donald Trump had a brief cameo in My Poor Little Angel 2: Lost in New York. Many noticed him either because he became famous for becoming president, or because of his sharp campaign statements. And although no one loved the idea of ​​having such a character in a beloved classic, it was not until recent events in the neighboring country that many have raised their voices to ask that the film be done good, by erasing such a controversial president digitally.

Although modernity has proven to us that thanks to the magic of digital effects, some deceased or even rejuvenated actors can be brought back, then there is no reason why someone cannot be erased from the image. Such is the idea that has gotten into the heads of many Internet users on social networks (via), who consider that My poor little angel 2 would be a perfect movie without the presence of Donald Trump.

The president appears as a joke during the scene that takes place in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, which he owns. The point is that removing it digitally would imply putting someone else in its place to maintain the congruence of the scene, during the brief interaction and exchange of dialogues that Macaulay Culkin has with him.

Fortunately, the heroes of the internet have the solution for everything and have already made Some proposals on how to handle damage.

Apparently George Lucas could come to the rescue, since just as he has tirelessly edited his original Star Wars tapes, he could easily lend a hand on the Donald Trump My Poor Little Angel question.

« I can’t believe they brought in George Lucas to make My Poor Little Angel 2, Special Edition. »

Another option is Keanu Reeves, because Keanu Reeves is love and is always the answer.

« They should not only digitally remove Donald Trump, but replace him with the adult Macaulay Culkin to put a wild spin on the film. »

Doctor Who fans found out about the correction campaign, so one thing led to another …

When deciding who to put, some just left the space blank.

The best thing is that you can already buy the version without Donald Trump on Bluray.

While waiting for Disney to consider the request, meanwhile the studio is immersed in the remake of the film that will reach Disney Plus.

Donald Trump Macaulay Culkin my poor little angel

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