While in countries such as Colombia, Spain and the United States, telecommunications they look for how support the population before the pandemic of Covid-19, in Mexico the Business have not shown solidarity. Read Prices of gasoline and diesel in Mexico today Monday March 30, 2020

In the aforementioned countries, they decided to increase internet speeds to users at no cost, give more megabytes in mobile plans and flexibility due to lack of payments for the virus.

Telecommunications companies in Mexico have not offered benefits similar to those of other countries. Photo: Reforma

But in the country they will only give free access to federal government pages that report on the health crisis and will make their networks available to distribute SMS messages for free.

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They are also not offering additional support measures of this level to their clients to facilitate work or school tasks, among others.

In Colombia, Claro, a América Móvil company owned by Carlos Slim, offers an additional 50 percent speed and data in postpaid plans at no extra cost and prepares a contingency plan for its fixed and mobile networks to meet the increase in traffic.

In that country and in Spain, Telefónica will offer in the next two months at no extra cost an increase in the capacity of its users’ plans.

Telephone support in other countries. Photo: Reforma

In the US, AT&T will offer free internet for 60 days to some schools that access it through tablets, while Verizon will provide two months of free service to customers of its Lifeline program and a new service option for low-income households.

Sonia Agnese, senior analyst for Latin America at Omdia, commented that although the decisions change daily, it is important that the operators make their plans known in the emergency.

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