They record 19.8 meter giant alien-looking squid deep in the ocean

News Spectacular sighting off the coast of australia of five specimens of magnapnids

Giant squid recorded in deep waters off Australia for the first time

Five giant squid of the abyssal areas of the ocean have been recorded for the first time in deep waters off Australia.

ScienceAlert informs the study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE Over the Alien-looking magnapanids with slender tentacles caught in the Australian Grand Baha.

The recordings of the five giant squid, one of which measures 1.8 meters with “arms 11 times the length of its body”, were made in 2015 (at 2,110 and 2,178 meters), in 2015 and in 2017 (3,002 meters, 3,056 meters and 3,060 meters).

“Giant squid sightings are very rare. These are the first records in Australian waters, adding to only a dozen confirmed sightings worldwide,” reported the doctor. Deborah Osterhage in a statement from the CSIRO (Commonwealth Industrial and Scientific Research Organization).

“The differences in their appearance meant that we were able to confirm that they were five separate individuals, rather than the same squid multiple times, and although the studies covered a relatively large area, the squids were found clustered closely together,” said a spokeswoman for Commonwealth Scientific. and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

To achieve these sightings, 350 kilometers of the Australian Grand Baha were covered and 75 hours of recordings were recorded.