They reveal old designs of Gohan’s first ‘suit’ that never came to light

There are many times that we have talked about the hard work that the creative staff of a manga and anime do. The creator and author bears the brunt of the burden, but the designers who finish shaping the look of the story also spend weeks on a single episode. Akira Toriyama with Dragon Ball is just one of many pieces of evidence.

The work that the Japanese mangaka did with Dragon Ball Z was so intense and exhausting that at the highest point of the series he decided to retire. This is how Dragon Ball GT was born, a series that Toei Animation made with the sensei’s approval, but without his authorship, which is why these arcs are not part of the franchise’s canon.

During these creative works, the designer teams are in every detail of each of the characters and settings in which they will be presented. The options they handled for Gohan’s first appearance in Dragon Ball Z have recently been revealed.

Gohan’s debut in Dragon Ball Z

Do you remember? He was that shy little boy who played in the woods in his little yellow, green outfit and red details. A little hat in the same colors with a luxurious ornament: the four-star dragon ball.

Before settling on this option, the designers came up with several color palettes that never came to light.

And according to review Alpha Beta Playtaking information from the account of GeekDom’s Twitter, this is what the outfit options for Gohan looked like. Would you have liked something different from the original? The orange that emulates Goku’s suit is one of my favorites.