They reveal the first details about the future console

Nintendo She is an expert at keeping secrets. In keeping the drawer that has information about its future products under the key, especially if it is a new console and even more so if it is supposedly called Nintendo Switch 2.

However, some experts often access leaked or rumored information about devices in development and a report published on the website of hard zone offers details about the RAM that the so-called Switch 2 will have.

Little is known about the future console of the big N, although we can deduce that it will have the Switch Online service, one of the great bets of the Japanese company and which means that current video games will work on the next team.

But the most striking thing that has been known so far about the Nintendo Switch 2 has come directly from Nintendo itself. It may be an innocent leak or one on purpose, but it gives us an important idea about the RAM of the future console.

Nintendo Switch Version 16.0.0 Reveal

Just on the night of this Thursday, February 23, we shared some details about the version 16.0.0 of the Nintendo Switch software, in which a reference to RAM configurations of 8, 6 and up to 32 GB was detected, a surprise because the Switch It has a capacity of 4 GB.

It makes sense to think that Nintendo is paving the way for its next console and whether it is 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM. But in addition, other information suggests that the GPU would be 2.4 TFLOPS, more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4).

“I would estimate between the power of PS4/PS4 Pro (2.4TF or so), 1200p – 1440p max resolution upscaled to 4K via DLSS 2 while docked, and 720p upscaled to 1080p while portable. Average battery life 2.5 to 5 hours,” content creator The F0X wrote on Twitter.

Finally, and taking into account an old leak, the report adds that it is presumed that the Switch 2 will have a 12-core chip with GeForce Ampere architecture, the same as the RTX 30, so its clock speed would be 781 MHz.

All these are rumors, it’s nothing official, but if the Internet is already starting to move things about the next Nintendo console, it’s because the big N must be working on it.