They would apply 8 thousand vaccines against Covid per day, predicts López Gatell

During the press conference at the National Palace, Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, notified that based on the logistics of the National Vaccination Policy, in Mexico between six thousand and eight thousand doses will be applied every day of the covid vaccine.

Likewise, he emphasized that in order to achieve this objective, the number of doses indicated must be applied, which is justified by the operations that the National Health System and the Vaccination Program usually carry out.

The first stage will apply to front-line health workers. Photo: Reforma

In addition, he added that the first stage that concerns the month of December 2020 to February 2021, the vaccines will begin to be administered with a population of 125 thousand people who are first-line health workers, however, he expressed that the staff of this sector is approximately one million.

He also pointed out that the vaccine will be applied to the entire population of the country, however they have to start gradually, there are 250 thousand doses that the Pfizer company has left to deliver to Mexico in its first stage.

López-Gatell explained that the two doses that have to be applied must be done separately within 21 days, otherwise the second one that is administered loses its immunity efficiency. In this sense, he explained that it must be done correctly and that the pharmaceutical company has committed to deliver the vaccine in quarterly blocks starting in January.

He took the opportunity to argue why the first stage began in Mexico City and Coahuila. The first said that it was selected based on similar criteria, considering that it is in the area with the largest population in the country and the second because it has good coordination with the Armed Forces and governments, as well as the capital.

Finally, he pointed out that the operation will be based on two elements: mobilizing the product and displacing populations.

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