“Things got serious after an accident with a stolen motorcycle”

One of the usual gatherings of The anthill, Juan del Val, was the guest of this Tuesday in the Antena 3 program, where he presented his new novel, Delparaiso, of which Pablo Motos affirmed that “it is a genius, I highly recommend it”.

But after talking about some of the chapters in the book, The presenter wanted to comment with his guest on some details of the past of Nuria Roca’s husband unknown to the public, such as your psychological or violence problems.

“You were a problem child because they threw you out of two high schools when you were 16 years old because you hit on everyone”, Motos highlighted, to which Del Val replied that “I was a teenager who, at one point in my life, had a bad time.”

And he continued counting that “I have lived for some years of my life with a ball in my stomach that would not go away. A pain without any kind of justification. “He added that” I thought the whole world was against me.

“From there you get the will and external help,” said the writer. Motorcycles noted that “After a very serious fight in a disco where the police intervened and an accident with a stolen motorcycle, things got very serious”.

Del Val clarified that “the motorcycle was not stolen by me, but I did have the accident. After a conversation with my mother, there was a moment of despair where I told her that I needed help“. After that meeting “I had seven years of psychiatric treatment. For me, the best thing that has happened to me in my life”.

How his love story with Nuria Roca began

The writer also recalled how he met his wife: “I worked in a magazine and she presented Waku waku, so I proposed to my boss to interview her. One day I appeared on TVE and there I saw her for the first time on stage presenting a gala on New Years Eve ’98, along with Ramón García, Celia Cruz, Norma Duval and Andoni Ferreño. She was a being of light in a silver dress and I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen in my life“.

When she came out dressed in normal clothes, she was still just as pretty, I introduced myself and suggested that I interview her at that time, but he replied that a taxi was waiting for him to go to Valencia. I told him I was taking her to the airport and she accepted, “recalled Del Val.

“I took her in a very dirty, unpresentable car, and she lost her plane, and the next, and the next … until he took the last one because the interview lasted until now“, he concluded with a laugh.

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