This AirPods Pro case only costs 3 euros, take advantage!

That Apple creates very beautiful products with a very careful design is not news to any of us. However, the price to pay for this in many cases is how susceptible they are to being scratched or marked by use. The AirPods, with a very elegant and discreet design that at the same time shows that the company has designed them, are a clear example of this. And is that despite the fact that its charging case hides it quite well, practically 100% of users who have not put a protective case on have it full of stripes.

To prevent this from happening, something as simple as a silicone cover around the same charging case makes a big difference, especially when the price to pay for it is as ridiculous as € 3.

Baseus silicone case for AirPods Pro in AliExpress

Protecting your AirPods Pro with a good case is € 3 away. Although on the AliExpress website we can find other covers at even lower prices, without a doubt what We will not be able to find a case of the quality of this.

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The Baseus AirPods Pro case is made of silicone, which makes it ideal to grip surfaces where we leave our headphones, and is available in five colors: black, green, gray, pink and lavender. Its finish with marks on the silicone improves its grip, and with a weight of only 25g you will hardly notice that you are wearing it at the same time that it will add color.

If you want to get a run and click on the button below. Protect your AirPods Pro as they deserve at a price with very difficult competition.

Baseus Silicone Case for AirPods Pro

You won’t have to worry about a fall or a scratch again, and the charging case of your AirPods Pro will always be like the first day.