This application will give you accurate and deep information about your personality

Get to know yourself more with the help of this tool.

If what you are looking for is to know yourself more, it is best to install on your cell phone The Pattern, the most effective personality and compatibility app out there.

The Pattern helps users find connections on a much deeper level, and even helps them experience personal states that they didn’t even know they could achieve, all thanks to its helpful methodology.

Improve the relationship with yourself

Improving the relationship you have with yourself and with those around you is the main purpose of the app.

And how does it help improve my relationships? Sticking to various patterns, that is, to « unique and deep perspectives » that are based on the personality traits of each individual.

Profiles can be created so that users can learn ways to connect with themselves.

In addition, it will help you to break down the emotional cycles in an informative way of any moment, be it past, present and future.

You can also work according to romantic and friendship patterns, helping the individual to discover « their strongest connections and challenges, » as the app explains in its description on Google Play.

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