This biker Bulma fanart leaves little to the imagination

A weapons scientist to take, bulma is a charismatic figure dragonball. The most important female character in the saga is also the most idolized by fans of the series, and this fanart proves it.

The artist made it neoartcore, one of the most recognized in the community for his explosive illustrations on anime and manga characters.

In this fanart is the updated version of Bulma biker, but with a more realistic face, as well as a weapon in her right hand and her glasses on her chest.

The neoartcore publication with Bulma as the protagonist is close to 11,900 likes.

According to friends of Geekmi, this version of the sultry inventor appeared on both manga covers and the anime series.

The enormous relevance of Bulma in Dragon Ball

The importance of the scientist is such that she made her appearance in chapter one of the manga, as well as episode one of the Dragon Ball anime. She is known for her intelligence, her sense of adventure, and her beauty, among other characteristics.

Bulma created the time machine for Future Trunks to travel to the past, in addition to the object encapsulation system. Due to the commercialization of this latest invention by the Capsule Corporation, she lives with a great fortune.

In addition, it is the one that had the most outfits and image transformations throughout the series, including different hairstyles. A true queen of coquetry.

“I won’t let you fall in love with me, even if you find me very attractive,” said the scientist to her future husband, Vegeta.

Except for Goku, almost every male Dragon Ball character has been attracted to her, with her turquoise hair and light blue eyes. But only Vegeta was able to conquer her, after a courtship with Yamcha, and they both had Trunks and Bra.