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The basis of any good sales strategy is in the negotiation and with this the ability to establish references is determined, which help us to better understand the market.

Arturo Elías Ayub has become, along with other personalities, a very important reference, especially due to the influence he has in the market.

Faced with this series of proposals, an element of great value is that which has to do with how ideas are managed within a business to make it profitable.

The sales capacity of a professional is determined at all times by the influence with which he has managed to innovate in the market and thereby establish guidelines that are not wasted, especially when they are valuable lessons taught by professionals such as Arturo Elías Ayub.

The businessman is undoubtedly a benchmark in the country, not only because of the closeness he has with the Slim family, but also because of the number of business ventures he has carried out and that patent the great influence he has in the market.

The above is undoubtedly a reference in the market and an opportunity to understand the ability of a professional making decisions.

This has led to the establishment of increasingly decisive guidelines in the market, as increasingly daring tasks have been defined there.

In The Negotiator: Tips for Succeeding in Life and Business, Arturo Elias Ayub presents us with a work without waste, because within this important book he reveals anecdotes and phrases that are an important guideline through which premises of greater value in the market are achieved.

The author’s proposal is that based on his experience there are a series of guidelines that we cannot lose sight of when it comes to undertaking, among them the premises of the potential that exists in exploiting what we are truly passionate about.

Under this guideline, the author manages to reveal an important reference and it is the one that has to do with the life experience that each of us have had and on which the greater scope of a commercial proposal is based.

Faced with this proposal, an element of great weight is to be able to identify those capabilities that one has acquired in the market and that reveal to us how important it is today to study based on the opportunities that are presented in the market.

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