“This bunch of meat is getting married”, Carolina Sandoval tried on her ‘wedding dress’ in front of everyone – Explica .co

Carolina Sandoval tries on her ‘next wedding dress’.

Photo: Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

The Venezuelan journalist Carolina sandoval caused a furor by doing his customary “Lunch with Expensive” again in bodysuit, but this time shaking all her curves and ensuring that “All that pile of meat is getting married.” Certainly she is already married, but what she will do is renew her wedding vows with her husband Nick Hernandez. For this and like any bride who respects herself, she must wear a dress. As we already know, “The Poisonous” She is a fashion fanatic, so she had a custom made suit made for this special date she wants to celebrate.

Stop it, he received like this with his attributes in full view of all, to the fashion designer Juan Fernando Mendoza, who has the task of making the dress that the former driver will wear of the show Telemundo, “Tell me what you know”. This time it was the same designer who asked Carolina to put on the girdle because that helps “Decrease a few centimeters and fit the body.” The Venezuelan clarified that among several of her fears is that of the pins near her skin, so she preferred to say it before taking the wardrobe test in question.

The dress will be sleeveless. It is seen that Carolina this process is being enjoyed very much. As she said the same on a previous occasion: “He is excited and feels that love must be celebrated.” Nick hernandez Y Carolina sandoval They have been married for several years and both have managed not only to form a united and stable family, They have also grown the television host’s girdle business impressively and in record time. Such a love certainly deserves to be celebrated in style.

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