This curious object went viral thanks to Pedro Pascal and the series

The Last of Us is the series of the moment in the entertainment industry and has helped gamers around the world play the Naughty Dog title again, confirm the popularity of Chilean actor Pedro Pascal and viralize extremely curious objects.

The HBO Max program has four Sundays premiering chapters, that is, there are four episodes, and the applause of the viewers has been on the rise as the plot progresses, described as a worthy adaptation of the game.

“Twenty years after the fall of civilization, Joel is hired to get Ellie out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What begins as a simple job will become a brutal journey in which the most important thing is to survive”, summarizes the synopsis of the series, reaffirming that it is an adaptation of what we saw in the video game.

Curiously, beyond the fact that The Last of Us is being played again as if it were a video game fresh out of the oven, other things have gone viral in real life due to the boom in the series. In addition to the interest in the Cordyceps fungus, which indeed exists, fans are searching the Internet like crazy for the jacket of Joel, the protagonist.

Joel’s viralized jacket

According to a report published on the website of What to See NewsJoel’s jacket belongs to the firm Huckberry and has a cost of 298 dollars in different stores and retailers.

The coat comes in three versions, brown, beige and blue, and they are currently the best-selling items in the brand’s online store.

The Last of Us

Huckberry describes them this way: “When it comes to classic jackets, there’s nothing more timeless than the Flannel Lined Waxed Hudson. Men’s hunting jackets were originally designed to withstand the harshest weather imaginable, and this modern version looks just like its forefathers with a waterproof waxed canvas exterior and warm flannel lining.”

If it works for harsh climates, let’s hope it works for Joel Miller in the midst of The Last of Us apocalypse.