This fan art of Videl confirms that she is one of the most powerful waifus

dragonball It is one of the most followed manga – animes in the world, with full stories that have allowed its characters to be brought to all formats. Animated series and movies, video games, among others, including fan arts created by followers of Akira Toriyama’s work.

One of those characters that has always been an inspiration for cosplays and illustrations is Videl, the daughter of the world champion of Martial Arts Mr. Satan, wife of Gohan and mother of Pan.

Videl is a young woman with a slender and delicate physique, she measures 1.57 m. and weighs 47 kg. She has blue eyes and black hair, despite being a tough warrior. In her introduction to the series, she had two low ponytails, which reached down to her shoulders and she wore a white T-shirt with the Orange Star High School insignia.

Videl is a powerful waifu in this fan art

According to a report published on the website of Spaghetti Codethe artist Ilha dos Animes, better known on Instagram as ilha_dosanimesshared this fan art of Videl that went viral on this and other social networks, which shows the strength of the warrior.

As we can see, in the image Videl shows off some musculature and wears a sports outfit, with black shorts that show off her toned legs and a pink shirt over a purple T-shirt with a style that allows her arms to be seen.

On top of a pink background, the fan art included the big blue eyes of the Dragon Ball character, who curiously has a rather particular look, short and tall, which makes her look like an aggressive warrior.