This first investor has just sold his Ethereum reserve that he hosted for five years – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

When the stories of Bitcoin millionaires began to emerge alongside the asset rally, Ether users also had a story or two to share. An anonymous hodler who bought Ether when he was trading at $ 2 is apparently “completely out of the game.” The trader who goes by the pseudonym “u / FollowMe22” on Reddit apparently sold Ether recently. The first investor claimed to have earned around 14,900% in long-term capital gains and intends to buy a house.

The hodler, who runs an e-commerce business, claims he started buying Ethereum in early 2016.

According to another post on Reddit, the longtime hodler was looking to buy around 250 ETH initially and feared he was “very new” to the cryptocurrency world and “not very technically savvy.”

As of now, Redditor is interested in “potentially returning” to the crypto markets at some point.

Ether is up nearly 22% against Bitcoin over the past week. While it fetched prices above $ 1,400. According to Fundstrat’s David Grider, Ether could even hit $ 10,500, soon.

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