This has been the sequence that ended with the suspension of PSG

Scandal in the Champions League duel between PSG and Istanbul BB after Turkish team players accused one of the assistant referees of calling his assistant coach, Pierre Webó, “black”.

At one point in the match, when barely ten minutes had been played, the referee asked the four who should be cautioned, so the assistant referee, Sebastian Coltescu, told him that “to that black boy.”

A description that made all the Istanbul players and Webó himself go into a rage, who He reproached her for addressing him because of his skin color.

Demba Ba, Istanbul player, given the explanations by the assistant, who hid behind the fact that in his language, Romanian, ‘black’ does not have negative connotations, It made him ugly that he didn’t address the other players like “that white boy.”

The game was suspended ten minutes after it started and, for the moment, it has not been resumed before the refusal of the Turkish team to continue with the Romanian referee on the field.

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