This hidden trick of iOS 14 allows you to set alarms on your iPhone in a more agile way

The arrival of iOS 14 has brought great changes and improvements throughout the software of the mobile operating system of the iPhone from the company with the bitten apple logo. There are all kinds of improvements in the applications that are distributed in iOS 14, but not all the changes have been liked by users.

Turns out that Apple had removed the wheel or roulette to set the alarms in the native iOS 14 Clock app, replacing it with a digital number field. But as of the fourth beta version of iOS 14 the alarm wheel has returned … if you know how to find it.

In this article we will explain, step by step, how to set alarms in a much more comfortable way in iOS 14 with your iPhone.

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How to add alarms more comfortably in iOS 14

The numeric field that Apple has introduced in iOS 14 is not such a horrible method of setting an alarm. It’s practical. But users are not always willing to enter figure by figure the time they want to wake up the next day. That is why, for many, turning the alarm wheel is a much more comfortable method.

To use the alarm wheel you must first make sure that you have installed the fifth beta version of iOS 14. Then, go to the Clock application and start creating a new alarm as you normally would.

Image | via Cult of Mac

When you see the numeric field to enter the alarm, simply slide your finger up or down on the numbers to make the alarm wheel or wheel reappear. No, it is not exactly the same as the classic wheel … but it works the same way.

We hope it has been helpful!